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Six Rivers National Park, Northern California

These images were taken along Hwy 199, which stretches from Crescent City, CA to Grant’s Pass, OR.  It is some of the most breathtaking land  I’ve ever seen.  The water and the land contain high levels of Serpentine, which is a mineral that is strikingly gray-green in color.  High quality Serpentine is sometimes used to replicate jade in jewelry and art pieces – it is no wonder that the rivers that cut through the gorges here boast a deep jade-like hue.  Although the river runs hundreds of feet down steep gorges that are heavily shaded, at times the sun would find its way down the cliffs, turning the eddies into surreal-looking emerald-colored pools.

Highway 199 is mostly a narrow, two-lane, intensely winding stretch of road that cuts through a portion of the Six Rivers National Park.  While it’s challenging to drive, it’s even more challenging to keep your eyes on the road, as there’s so much to look at.  Thankfully, there are lots of places to pull off the road and explore.  One of the most fantastic and completely unexpected finds we made was a botanical trail that we initially thought would be a manzanita forest.  What we discovered was a Cobra Lily bog.  Otherwise known as “Darlingtonia californica”, the California Pitcher Plant (or Cobra Lily) grows in the middle of an otherwise “normal” looking forest.  Hundreds of stalks grow off of one main parent plant, and, each of the stalks looks exactly like a cobra ready to strike.  Each new “pitcher” twists itself in such a way while it’s growing that its final adult position directs its “hood” away from all the others, guaranteeing maximum insect-catching potential.

I could have spent a month on this one stretch of road…  maybe one day I will do just that.

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The Void

… a ghostly girl’s vocal abstract against strong sonic textures that remind me of really thick ocean fog.

The Void by Danica Waters

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High Octane

This is a soundtrack/trailer piece I wrote for a heavy-duty action sequence, complete with helicopters, unmarked cars racing through the city, and a sweeping view of a military warship in the San Diego Bay…

High Octane – abridged by Danica Waters


Solstice to Solstice – My Blog Journey Begins


“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg.   We are like eggs at present.   And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad. “

C. S. Lewis

Welcome to my blogsite.  December 21, 2010 seemed the perfect day to launch it, as the astronomical, astrological, numerological, and other unnamed and generally illogical signs all point to today being an amazing day to start something new.  After all , everything in our natural world begins a new cycle on this very day.


I intend it to be a humble perspective into my world; as an outlet for my muses, memories, and for my multimedia menagerie that has outgrown the proverbial china cabinet I’ve been keeping it in…    Sort of like a giant “coming out’ party.    I welcome your comments and contributions – sharing makes everything more vibrant  (that’s why there’s more than one facet on a diamond, right?) .  Cheers and Happy Solstice.

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